Kwyer : Group vocal Coaching and Improvisation Technique

Kwyer is guided ensemble vocal training, singing and improvisation session and it is aimed at anyone who wants to sing in a group. Kwyer is facilitated by Regan O’Brien who is a Dublin based performing artist, vocal coach, composer and co-Artistic Director of Fumbally Court Studio. Kwyer has been running since January 2009 and has worked with many voices of varying abilities. No experience is necessary.
We meet every Monday evening in Fumbally Court Studio, Dublin 8 at 7pm-9pm. I ask that each participant commit to paying for 6 classes in advance at €85. This helps to generate a weekly commitment for the group which, ultimately works best for developing the group sound.

Kwyer is a response to my own interest in vocal experimentation, vibrational and group singing.  Kwyer is about making a space where each person can become acquainted with the sound their body makes in a state-of-song. This space nurtures the acceptance of our individual vocal sounds. I facilitate a choreographic structure or score through which each participant can play with the vibrational qualities of their voice and develop this sound through experimentation and improvisation within a group setting.
Kwyer sessions begin with a sensitive and rigorous physical warm up which draws attention to our physical and kinetic relationship with the space and each other. It is a detailed group practice which highlights the importance of renewed attention, individual responsibility within the group, playfulness and awareness of the associative impulses flowing through the body.
Kwyer is a task based project, so for the vocal warm up, members of the group are given vocal tasks to investigate, either together or individually but always simultaneously. Usually these tasks are to do with exploring the imagination and the limitations of sound production, developing a repertoire of vocal sound for group improvisation.
The session then moves to the group improvisation. The Kwyer, now warm and armed with a wild and wonderful array of sounds and connections with each other, the space and their powerful imaginations, will sing. A score is provided for the group to respond to, which is designed to support the investigation of each participant, enhance the ability to offer sound to the group and maintain lightness and a sense of play.
This work is closely monitored and adjusted, when necessary, to facilitate a particular vocal requirement for an individual or the group of voices. Kwyer is a sensitive and accessible way to get to know the sound your body makes in a state of song. It is a place where we value, embrace and facilitate an honest and imaginative response to the group sound. The music. It’s a safe space to really go into your voice and be supported by a structured environment, practice deep listening and learn to support your fellow singers, understand the principles of improvisation and make a new music, your music. If you think you can’t sing, you’re perfect! If you can sing you’re perfect! If you want to sing in a group where we make it up as we go along, then Kwyer needs you.

“If you have enough variables in the way that you are expressing things, it influences what comes out because the medium resonates with different kinds of thinking”