Serious Play (Contact and group improvisation)

Tuesday 18:30-20:00


€60 for 6 weeks; €15 single class

Taught by Cindy Cummings, this class is for people interested in learning new skills or sharpening their ability to improvise through movement in a group context. Together we will practice different techniques for improvising: Contact, Solo and Group structures will create a context for playful communication and instant composition. The focus of this practice is finding ways of creating in the moment through immediate response and interaction with your own and others unique kinesthetic language.

This class offers a clear methodology for focusing ones awareness on their inherent physicality and how to broaden ones range of movement choices in the Now. It is directly applicable to contemporary practices of Dance, Theatre and Performance Art as well as awareness in everyday communication. No previous experience with Contact or other forms of movement improvisation are necessary.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and come along with an open mind and a curiosity to learn new ways of paying attention and engaging in Serious Play.

(due to space limitations, if you would like to attend please email Cindy at:

Dance Improvisation link:

Contact Improvisation


Contemporary Dance Classes (Beginners/Intermediate level)                                      With Jessie Keenan

March 2015 Classes

Thursday’s 18:30 – 20:00

Blocks of 6 week courses  (contact Jessie for current course dates)

€70 entire course (€15 drop in. €12 for students/unwaged)

Max capacity 10 people

These classes focus on exploring specific qualities of movement within a series of technique building phrases and sequences.

Each class will begin with a warm up of core exercises and stretching built into a flowing sequence of movement. Techniques and qualities such as weight transfer, core stability, grounding, alignment and balance will be introduced here. These will then be expanded on and explored more deeply throughout the class.

In the process of becoming more in tune with your body, and enjoying a sense of control in your movement, you will also be exercising your entire body without even thinking about it…an added bonus!

Some dance or movement experience is preferred, but not necessary. This class will have layers of understanding which will cater for both. A simple phrase can hold challenges for the more experienced who would like to find a deeper physical understanding in their movement. My thinking is that if you are prepared to come with an open mind to learning something new and re-engaging with your body, then you are more than welcome to the class 🙂

For more information please contact Jessie at:

Email: or phone: 086 361 4540