Contact us

You can find us near St. Patrick’s Cathedral, off Fumbally Lane.

Our address is Fumbally Court Studio, Fumbally Court, Blackpitts, Dublin 8

Yoga/Acrobatic Yoga please contact Deirdre at

e-mail: or phone: 0851595751, or visit

Kwyer & performers maintenance workshop, please contact Regan at

e-mail: or phone: 086 070 9766

Pilates, please contact Becky at

email:, or phone: 087 055 7166

Serious Play and workshops, please contact Cindy at


Hatha Yoga, please contact Justine Cooper at

email: or phone: 086 866 3907

Contemporary Dance Classes, please contact Jessie Keenan at

email: or phone:086 361 4540

For Information on Renting the studio please contact Becky Reilly at

email:  or phone: 087 055 7166