Feldenkrais Classes – Monday 6-7pm


Bríd O’ Farrell first discovered The Feldenkrais Method while researching a PhD in the department of Sociology in Trinity College Dublin. The PhD was, for her, a sustained way of thinking about the question of how we experience ourselves as bodies, especially during times of illness but also in our most joyous states. As a consequence of the many bodily anchored riddles raised during this time, she became deeply engaged with movement practices which facilitate the possibility of challenging the impulse to split mind from body. Feldenkrais is one such method. Bríd has also certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher and a Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner and has been studying Authentic Movement and Body Mind Centering with Joan Davis and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for many years. She offers group and person to person lessons in the Feldenkrais method in Dublin City centre and in Dublin South.

Movement lies at the heart of the Feldenkrais method. In an “Awareness Through Movement” (ATM) class we develop our abilities to sense ourselves and create new movement options by moving with the kind of slowed down, self-caring, curiosity that permits us to find out exactly what and where, is our range of true comfort and ease. The movement explorations in each class are neurologically rich, functional and meaningful for the parts of our brains that organise how we move in the world, a brain which will always seek to select the most efficient pathways for action, yet through injury or through a set of habitual postures taken on as a response to the experiences we have had of the world, might need a little nudge to be reminded of. Each class will last an hour. You will need a mat or a blanket on which to make yourself comfortable and loose clothes will offer you the best possibility for easy movement.

Contact Brid on or 0872900962

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