Acrobatic Yoga

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Acrobatic Yoga is a body-friendly practise which is energising, grounding, and sociable, and it makes you feel AMAZING.




Acrobatic yoga at Fumbally Court typically includes a full body yoga or dance warm up, handstand training, conditioning, acroyoga, and bodywork.

The most common thing that we work on is L basing – with one person lying on their back, legs extended up, with the other person on their feet (exactly like Superman, from when you were a kid).  We always work in teams of three – so you have a base, a flier, and a spotter (safety first).  We explore inversions, turns, and sequences which are exciting and dynamic, and tend to fill people with a sense of awe at that which they can accomplish.  We always close by being stretched out by our friends and neighbours – just a little something extra, to make it that much more addictive!

ali basesThe classes and jams have a very strong sense of community.   People take care of each other, and it’s an easy context in which to get to know people quickly.  Many moments of hilarity occur, all of the time.   If Yoga means union, Acrobatic Yoga must be union with community.







Regular classes are Wednesday 8-9:30 pm (open level, drop in), and Thursday 6:45-9pm (summertime six week course in Merrion Square Park).  Please contact Deirdre at 0851595751, or email

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