We are a group of four independent dancers/movers who have joined forces and found a beautiful home for our practices.  Fumbally Court Studio is a practice space where the four of us can develop our work individually and together, give each other support, develop critical dialogue and new ideas, host sharing of new and existing works, and allow ourselves time to explore and refine our own artistry.

Fumbally Court Studio is teaching space: We offer a wide range of classes and workshops including: Feldenkrais, Body-Voice Singing Classes, Contact Improvisation, Pilates, Acrobatic Yoga, Yoga, Kwyer (guided ensemble vocal training and improvisation), and dance. We are delighted to be able to host residencies, guest workshops and performances for local and International practitioners so keep an eye on the Events page for more news and please get in touch if you have a proposition to activate the space. We host training sessions, immersive weekends and talks aimed toward artistic and personal development.

We are an independent, artist led space which we run collectively and it is with the support of you, our clients and colleagues which help us keep this space alive. We welcome our new and all our regular clients and do please contact us to arrange a visit, have a chat about what classes you are interested in, see a show or propose a workshop idea yourself. We look forward to sharing the space with you.


Cindy Cummings 


Cindy Cummings is a dance artist based in Dublin. Her fascination with and love of movement has its roots in athletics and community dance as a child that led to a more formalized dance and theatre training in the US (Oregon, Washington & NYC). Rescued from a career in musical theatre by Joint Forces Dance Co (Karen Nelson & Alito Alessi), she discovered Improvisation and the joys of artistic collaborations; she has been studying, performing and teaching improvisation while creating live performance work with various artistic collaborators around the world ever since. In 1988 she began creating solo performances and two years later, found herself in Ireland. She has since continued to create work that is engaged in Serious Play, experimenting with the ground between what is considered improvisation and choreography. This fertile landscape has been richly developed in her 15 years of work with interactive technology with composer & media artist Todd Winkler (Brown University), Paris based artists Connolly/Cleary and ‘half/angel dance company (Jools Gilson Ellis & Richard Povall) and most recently with MIDASpaces (Dublin). Since 2002, much of her work has been influenced by US choreographer Deborah Hay with whom she has participated in 2 Solo Performance Commissioning Projects (‘Beauty’ 2002; ‘The Ridge’ 2004) and performed in Hay’s trio work ‘A Lost Opera’ (2010). In 2014, Cindy was artist in residence in the UCD (University College Dublin) College of Science. While there she  performed with sound artists Strange Attractor (Dublin/Cork), created a performative lecture called ‘A Brief History of Contemporary Dance’ and a trilogy of dance/physics videos (‘Spin/Span/Spine’) with Professor Padraig Dunne.

Deirdre Murphy


Deirdre Murphy is a performing artist based in Dublin. Originally from the US, she trained extensively in dance, theatre, and vocal work before coming to Ireland in 2005.  Her current artistic practice includes orchestrating social interaction through physical theatre and music, and she is very interested in provoking political and cultural analysis through her work.   One of her primary focuses of the last two years has been Anti-Capitalism:  The Musical!, which she has written, directed and co-composed with John Linnane.  She is a member of the band Hedon.

She has been involved in creating work that crosses the boundaries between contemporary dance, theatre, aerial dance and vocal work since 2002. Deirdre has also co-curated several small festivals of dance and performance art, with visual/performing artist Fergus Byrne, with the support of the Dublin Dance Festival and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Recent work includes: ‘Anti-Capitalism:  The Musical!’ (2014, Galway Dance Days), ‘A Leg to Stand On’ (2013, Generations Festival commission), ‘Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio for Maximum Sex Attraction'(Dublin Fringe Festival 2013),  ‘Drinking From The Well’ (2011, Arts Council of Ireland).  Recent film work includes ‘The Wake’ (post production, 2014), ‘One Sided Coin’ (2013 Dance Ireland Short Film Commission),   ‘Her Mother’s Daughters’ (short film, 2010).  She has been awarded residencies in Ireland, New York, and Canada.

Deirdre has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for years.  Acrobatic Yoga has been part of her personal and teaching practice since 2010.

Link to Deirdre’s website: danceofyoga.com

Regan O’Brien

ReganI am a performing artist, performance researcher and teacher. I work with the vocabulary of contemporary theatre practices, contemporary dance, digital media and biometric feed-back. I have classical and contemporary theatre, movement and vocal training. I have worked extensively as a freelance performer in theatre, film, TV, radio and I have taught movement practices and performed my compositions throughout Europe and Ireland.
My performance research work is currently focused on the pre-articulated body-voice, extended vocals and improvisation. For a long time now I have been exploring the states of water as a directive for movement and embodiment both physically and as a metaphor for social engagement. In 2009 I created Kwyer, an on-going live art process which nurtures the emergent, body-voice of the group in a state-of-song: All participants are involved in processes of ‘transmitting and receiving, attuning and re-attuning, exchanging of traces and transformations’. There is an underlying score, created democratically, which facilitates the group in expressing their stream of consciousness and frames this emergent phenomenon in an artistic way. This particular practice nourishes all my other work.

A socially engaged artist I have been working to develop inclusive strategies for participatory, artistic processes within the concept of Social Choreography: A process which I consider to be a feminine modality of communication. Within this sphere of thinking I have developed several participatory ‘Performance-Installations‘ as the genre is discussed by Erin Manning particularly in reference to William Forsythe’s research into the Choreographic Object. Within the exploration of feminine modes of communication Regan has been involved in and facilitated several Social Dreaming Matrices [http://www.socialdreaming.com/]. The structure of this work has helped to evolve her compositional thinking and is a useful way to, collectively, observe the conscious unconscious within a social dynamic.

My artistic aims are stimulate new perceptions of the performer’s role in society, be part of generating a critical, challenging and nurturing relationship to the continuous unfolding of live performance. To develop a personally sustainable practice which can be placed in dynamic relation to the social landscape and help build understanding and respect for artistic practice.

I have been lucky to meet and work with some inspiring and like minded artists and have developed some collaborative works as part of the continuum of my artistic development. Visit http://www.reganobrien.com for a selection from my portfolio.

I have received project funding, bursaries and travel grants from Arts Council Ireland and residencies from Dublin City Council and DLRCOCO.


Rebecca Reilly

Becky 2

Rebecca Reilly  trained in Rambert School London. She has performed with various contemporary dance companies in Ireland since 2000 including Irish Modern Dance Theatre- ‘the white piece ‘ in La Mama , New York ‘in this moment’ ‘next to skin” among others . Citog,  Coisceim Dance Theatre,  Sarah Rudner,  Dhagdha Dance co.,  Catapult Dance co , .Opera Ireland,  Myriad Dance, New balance Dance co.,  Shakram . Independant artists- Edd Schouten,  Deirdre Murphy,  James Hosty. She has also performed in Germany with Marguerite Donlon and dancers  Serbia with The Island project , Scotland with Pas a Dos , France, Italy Palistine,Israel with Irish Modern Dance Theatre -“Outsider” by Kyle Abrahm in Project arts centre.  She also performs and creates  with technoligist,  trevor furlong , together with floating world they have made  dance intermedia performances  ‘flux’ and ‘saol’ . “zephyr” for Dance festival 2013. They also made “no less than the trees and the stars”  in 2013, with the assistance of an Arts Council  bursary .She teaches dance ,Yoga and Pilates  and choreographs her own dance work in Ireland .She made a duet  ”did i speak , i thought i was the listener “ -in picturing the soul , Backloft   “i am not a god”   in Transversal  and “fourtold”  in Project arts centre. With 3angle film collaborative she has made” Lebenskylus”  and in 2009 she recieved  Dance  Ireland bursary to co create “The Eveylyn Tables” which has been shown in the lighthouse and cork fim festival to date.She is currently involved in the fumbally court studio exchange and on a 55c stamp!

HLL’ (the healthy lovely ladies exercise studio for maximum sex attraction )  was co-created for Dublin Fringe  with  the Fumballinas from The fumbally court studio.

As well as dancing professionally Rebecca has been teaching since 2000,currently she teaches pilates/dance in DTI , pilates/yoga in YMCA .She was contemporary dance teacher for inchicore and firkin crane vec, she has taught dance projects in many schools .she co­directed studio 32 , a sucessful pilates studio between 2006 and 2009 she has taught pilates all around dublin ­Dance Ireland ,Rathmines college , f2,studio99, Macushla group , Dublin bus hq, exhale studio…etc…She is also trained in vinyasa yoga since 2012 with Green Lotus and teaches in YMCA and Fumbally court studio.

Contact Rebecca on: beckypilates@hotmail.com

Link to web page: rebeccareillydance@wordpress.com