A lovely Yoga website

I think Maybe Mariposa is a really nice website by Meredith Haggerty inspiring ways to share your yoga practice with the kids in your life. You can read the short asana descriptions to your kids as a way to help visualize the intention of the physicality. Maybe Mariposa

Here is a short excerpt….

catching clouds

This pose facilitates ribcage, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand mobility from supine, seated or standing. Pair it with a sun salutation for morning yoga.

catching clouds 

Stand with your arms at your sides. Feel your feet on the ground and reach the top of your head toward the sky. As you stand still, notice that you move when you breathe. Breathe in. Breath out.

As you breathe in again, circle your arms overhead so your hands almost touch. As you breathe out, look at your hands. Reach one arm as high as you can and catch a cloud in your hand. Do your ribs move as you reach your arm? What about your back?

Now, reach your other arm up and touch the sky with your fingertips. Catch a cloud in your hand. Do your ribs move on this side?

Begin to reach with one arm then the other again and again. You can reach for clouds in front to the side, right above or behind. You can move slow or fast. Catch as many clouds as you see. Can you catch a great big cloud with both hands? What does it feel like to hold a big cloud? Is it light as cotton or wet like rain? Hold your big cloud up high, as if you are holding a big beach ball. Hold the cloud as high as you can.

Now, relax your arms down and shake them out, then let them rest at your sides.

Now, let your arms rest at you sides. Settle your feet into the earth and reach the top of your head toward the sky. Reach your arms out wide. On the count of three, we’ll clap once and end our catching clouds meditation.