Giving Voice To Contact with Tom Pritchard (Aus/UK)

Thursday 18th June until Saturday 20th, 2015

Fumbally Court Studio is delighted to be hosting a workshop and performance with international performer and teacher Tom Prichard as part of our Solstice Weekend Festival. There are going to be lots of body-mindful practices, workshops and discussions over the course of the weekend. We will keep you posted here and check the FB page for updates also.

“Giving Voice To Contact”

In this workshop we will consider the crossing points between voice and contact improvisation. This work is grounded in a sense that the voice is a physical process which influences and is influenced by the body in motion. We will look to open and give permission to both our voices and our bodies, considering the roles of bone, breath and eyes in the inspiration of both of these creative outlets. We will consider the possibility of text in this, as a document of experience, as a provocateur for further exploration or as a part of the live lived performance of the moment. We will consider the importance of wakening the understanding in our thinking bodies, working with speed and soloing in order to widen the scope of what we know as ‘choice making’.
Following the workshop on Saturday, there will be a performance in the studio:
As Yet Unspoken 
Tom Pritchard and invited friends
 Tom Pritchard is a multidisciplinary practitioner, working primarily with movement, text and improvisation. Since 2014, Tom has been based in Australia and before that spent 6 years working out of Glasgow, Scotland. During this time he performed internationally with renowned dance and theatre companies, co-founded @TheGlasgowJam and created his own work under the banner of On The Stage Of The Present. His own work spans dance, performance art, intimate theatre, poetry and improvisation and he will premiere his new works “it” in September 2015 in Scotland and Jeff in October 2015 in Brisbane.

Tom is interested in blurring the lines between art forms and understanding collaboration as a way of expanding what it means to create performance work. Improvisation practices form the base of all his approaches to work and particularly CI, solo performance practice and writing practices. Julyen Hamilton, Billie Hanne, Kirsty Simson, Kristin Linklater, Natalie Goldberg and the beat poets are to name a few important influences on him. Website:

Giving Voice To Contact with Tom Pritchard (Aus/UK)

Dates: June 18-20 2015
Where: Fumbally Court Studio
Thurs 18th – 10-6pm
Fri 19th – 10-6pm
Sat 20th – workshop 4:15-7:15pm
Workshop: €100
Please book for the workshop and direct any inquiries through the studio email:
As there are limited places available for the workshop, booking is essential!
Performance: Saturday 20 June, 8pm:
As Yet Unspoken 
Tom Pritchard and invited friends
8pm Fumbally Court Studio
Ticket: €10