The Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio For maximum Sex Attraction

Do you feel you need to make a life change but find your foot wedged firmly up your base Chakra? Did you know that Yogis can breathe through any orifice? It is with intense pleasure that the Healthy Lovely Ladies offer a special course in Deep Pudendum Release Technique, for all our audience. We will entertain AND exercise you. In 60 minutes your mind will expand like the heaving bosom of a yodelling Valkyrie. This show will literally turn your life around in 4 easy steps. The Healthy Lovely Ladies are: Cindy Cummings, Deirdre Murphy, Regan O’Brien and Rebecca Reilly.

Serious dancers of national and international renown take a time out to lighten your soul as well as your BMI. It will be well worth your effort – Róise Goan.

Have  look at our promo video.

Help us to help you help yourself to reveal to yourself a new and better you.

Photography by Karl Burke.

“Diaphragm strengthening, calming whale noises, and leotards that don’t leave much to the imagination will leave you feeling centred and ready to take on the world.”

Le Cool-Dublin

Photography by Karl Burke.

Initiate podular unity to access your Auric Transportation System (A.T.S). Lighting the pathway to a to a new and totally unrecognizable you.

Listen to the testimonials of the lost souls who came through the darkness, before you, seeking guidance in the overbearing bosom of the Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio tm. . Hear their stories of how our Deep Pudendum Release Technique (D.P.R.T.) has completely changed their lives.

“The troupe blend yoga and a clowning style……strong elements of comedy…If the remaining show wasn’t sold out I’d definitely recommend people give it a whirl for something a little less ordinary.” Nutshell Review-