Telepathic Training Centre with Jeffrey Gormley on Sunday 8th July

telepathic training centre™
3pm – til we finish | June 24th | Fumbally Court Studio
Music by Soul Wonder Sound System
‘because sound effects the soul’

I don’t know much about telepathy.
I don’t know if it’s done with|by|through the mind, or the body.
Or the body’s mind, or the mindbody.
It could be that we’re all doing telepathy all the time.
Maybe it’s immanent – always already.
Or maybe it’s imminent – something that’s coming, something we can prepare for.
It’s something for the human being of the future.

Right now, June 24th is the future.

The one thing I do know, is that you can’t do telepathy while you’re talking.
If we’re really going to train ourselves to be telepathic,
or to be responsibly telepathic,
or beautifully telepathic,
then we’ve got to stop talking.
Stop it way down deep in our selves,
the words, the constant talking, the interior monologue.

Maybe telepathy is what you do when you dance.
telepathic training centre™ is for dancing.
It’s a club with music that mightn’t have beats.
It’s a place to hang out where music is our prop as we explore the bandwidth.

telepathic training centre™ – ‘always , already’

Since 1996 Jeffrey Gormly, as perspectivkid, has been developing unique theatrical formats
that explore the possibilities for human superpower.
The Escape Routes series sought to fuse drama with sci fi, kung fu, comic books, agit prop,
scratching and sampling, hiphop, breakbeat, smart drinks in a techno club environment.
In 1999, Trip to Space launched a series of Virtual Theatre audio tracks that were aired at
2FM, XFM, and the Big Chill.
play3Some created a unique participatory format that allows everyone to star in an ambient
rave theatre show.
stuffSHUFFLEstuff is a contemporary dance choreography.
playWildPartyRemix was seed commissioned by the Abbey Theater.
These formats have been presented by superhero theatre troupe Soul Gun Warriors at Electric
Picnic, MOR Music Festival, Planet Love, London International Festival of Theatre, Influx,
Catalyser, Glen o the Downs and more.
Their latest project, Flexistential Cookbook, can be subscribed to at

In his Clark Kent workaday world, Jeffrey has been commissioned by Dance Ireland,
Clonmel Junction Festival, & CREATE, worked with Siamsa Tire, Solstice|Cork Midsummer
& Irish Chamber Orchestra, as well as being Associate Artist with Daghdha Dance Company
from 2004 to 2011. He has participated in Roscommon County Council’s art@work
programme, and is working with KCAT Callan this year as a CREATE|Arts Council Artist in
the Community. He is