Telepathic Training Centre – 8th July

On the afternoon and evening of the 24th June, Fumbally Court Studio have invited artist Jeffrey Gormley to host a non-speaking, social event called the telepathic training centre. An aesthetic-social concept of his own design.  We expect a relaxing, fun, curious and original Sunday activity. We will ask for a donation at the door starting from €5 and ending where you see fit. This money will go towards our housekeeping and to cover Mr. Gormleys travel expenses.

I will be adding more information about the event as it crystal-eyesez ………

The following words are written by Gormley in relation to this event.
Telepathic Training Centre
A silent space for dancing, vibing, telepathinking

‘fake it til you make it’
Music by sound effects soundsystem…………………because sound effects the soul.

..a part of process of Mastery in this form of life is learning to clear mind. ..A clear mind is essential in our mode of telepathic communication, for do we not need to learn to receive
as well as to project.    …    Listening is another form of clearing mind and allowing it to receive informa- tion… All thoughts are electrical impulses surrounded by an electromagnetic field of energy. This field of energy has ability to move at speeds human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. Force that propels and projects thoughts is based upon a tensor equation.. made up of two parts of electromagnetic energy and one part emotion. It is brain and mind of an individual, coupled with choice and conviction, that determines ability to send messages…. Thoughts are part of Universal consciousness, and energy that moves them through one’s consciousness is intensity of conviction of needing to be one with this power…. Pituitary gland is thought receiver and is the contact point within physical brain that enables thoughts sent from elsewhere to come in and be placed in resonating tensor centre for further interpretation. Pineal gland has often been called the true master gland and is thought transmitter. Cerebral cortex is where thinking, logic, deduction,evaluation, short term memory etc takes place. It also controls function of five physical senses and extremity movement. It is information gatherer for various levels of
consciousness. This area constantly interferes with telepathic communication and must be stilled in order to receive instruction through superconscious (higher) mind. It is said to be 20% of brain weight. Cerebellum is like a half way house to unconscious and stores
information until it is taken to unconscious basement. It also regulates vital bodily functions and habit patterns,co-ordinates muscle action, balance and posture and much more. Thalamus is a mass of radiating, ganglionic nuclei with its grey matter divided by a strip of white matter forming a thalamus in left hemisphere of brain and one in right. Electrical activity in cortex is stimulated by thalamus which sustains and regulates normal resting rhythms of cortex. Thalamus is a memory bank and is also said to be
where dreams are formed. Its nerves are specially designed for forming mental images and thalamus is known as our mental television and is an electromagnetic area that responds to strong emotions ie. fear, anger etc., it then is said to set up a blueprint of what is sent out to attract to you according to your transmission. Nerve endings called synapses from cerebrum come near but don’t touch cortex – they communicate through electrical sparks. Tensor defines potential for thought depth that exists in synapse area. Cerebrum is considered to be ‘sleeping giant’, huge area of brain that is considered
to be unused. It is our cosmic egg of infinite intelligence and wisdom – our personal Guru and centre of our electromagnetic resonating power. It is 80% of our brain weight. Imagine a car operating on 1/5th of its power? That is what we are doing when we are not consciously working with cerebrum. Full human potential can only be realised through waking 4/5ths. Universal mind is pulled into this centre through resonating electromagnetic field surrounding physical form. Thoughts then pass on to cortex for translation, application and action. In highest spiritual development there is coordinated action between cerebrum and cortex. This resonating centre acts independently of human thinking process but is where all spiritual awareness and inspiration comes from. It is ultra consciousness, medium for extra sensory phenomenon and seat of all parapsychic abilities. Resonance is moving energy, forging its pathway through essence of living
particles of Light through thought propulsion. When brain is still, thought transference begins – firstly sender connects through a beam of energy that hooks into
electromagnetic field of receiver. thought idea is then filtered to tensor centre of brain and is converted into words. When well practised distinct words are received. Clear reception, clear message. Thought is not sent out in one straight
line, but in billions of lines in all directions, like a radiating spark of Light extending in equal
force in all directions. Mind is medium with which thought is carried from one point to another. In metaphysics it is
understood that energy follows thought and that thoughts are
things to come.